We manufacture 320,000 signal-wiper lever and electronic gear shifter per month for BMW, FIAT and VW electric vehicles on the assembly lines we manufacture in our facility, which we call Ismak-2. In addition to these, we have realized our VW 2nd Series assembly line installation in 2021 and we aim to produce approximately 400,000 signal-wipers and electronic gear levers per year.
BMW Blinker Lever 1th Line
BMW Wiper Lever 1th Line
BMW Blinker Line 2th Line
BMW Wiper Line 2th Line
VW Shift By Wire Line
VW Blinker Lever Line
VW Wiper Lever Line
VW 2th Generation Shift By Wire Line
VW 2th Generation Blinker - Wiper Lever Line
FIAT 500 BEV Blinker Lever Line
FİAT 500 BEV Wiper Lever Line