Our History

2000- Foundation of Ismak
2003- Start of mould manufacturing
2004- New plant with 900m2 in industry district Imes
2005- ISO 9001 certification
2012- Moving to the 2nd plant with 1100m within Imes industrial area for plastic injection molding machines
2012- 2K Machine investment
2012- Start of the production of first mounted plastic parts
2013- Foundation of the company Ismak Plastics for high-quality technical plastic parts production
2013- Successful production of 2K injection moulding tools
2013- Start of 2K plastic part manufacturing
2014- Foundation of company Ismak Automotive for prodiction of plastic parts for Automotive sector including project leading and tool design.
2015- Moving to the 4400m2 large factory in Birlik OSB industry area
2015- Start of launch pad and screen printing production line
2015- ISO-16949 certification