Ismak Mold

Demand Professional Opinion and Design

The needs of our customers are analysed and implemented.


Design is our most important process. Here we offer full and correct information to our customers.

Using High-Quality Materials and Equipmen High-Technology Manufacturing Proces

We use by designing of the tools high quality materials and equipment.


Tool manufacturing processes are performed with today's cutting-edge technology machines, programs and tools.

Quality Control During Production Final Process and Installation

Each mold is monitored through 100% quality control.


Mold assembly will be finalized by experienced Employees with highest sensitivity.

Injection Sample and Production Result

After the production of the tool, the first test injection and production is one of the most important phases. The tools are tested by our experienced staff and secure due to sent to our customers.


Most end, you buy a tool with high quality at Ismak, easily and on desired delivery time.